Nitro Slam Studio Session @ V89 The Voice

by Nitro Slam

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    Here's our first live album! Also our first album! Enjoy!

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Thank you so much to Derek Jones for the opportunity to play on V89 The Voice. We had such a blast, and I hope you will hear it in our voices. This album is about growing and learning and all things in between. We hope you enjoy.


released January 26, 2015

Composed and Arranged by Rachel Hillman
Recorded at V89 Studios; Engineered by Derek Jones
Guitar, Random Mouth Horn and Vocals: Rachel Hillman
Guitar: Dylan Allen
Vocals and Percussion: Damaris Britton
Vocals and Percussion: Kelsi Dean
Percussion: Eli Dunaway



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Nitro Slam Tallahassee, Florida

Nitro Slam is a humble collective of Tallahassee musicians with the aim to create great music that's really fun to play. We blend folk and rock rhythms with jazz vocals and chords to create something unexpectedly tasty. Follow us on facebook for videos, more music, and random blurbs. ... more

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Track Name: Inspiration (Unforgettable)
"When the lights go out and the night is cold
You're who I want to hold, when I'm growing old
Oh when the day goes dark and the night is bleak
You're what I want and need, you're what I breathe and bleed
You're unforgettable"
Track Name: Waste My Time with You
"Hand in hand we go
I'm still here you know,
and I don't mind - at all - if all I do is waste my time with you."
Track Name: Coal
"When I first met you, my heart was made of Coal"
Track Name: Windows and Walls
I wake up in the middle of the night
to the sound of music and the kitchen light is
streaming through the hallway to my
bedroom door
Soft smells and the hardwood floors
are cold against my feet; I walk towards
you and the computer room is still
running hot
F E am
The windows are closed but the walls are falling
F E am
down; I could just stay if that's
F fm allowed. There'es just enough space in infinity for you and
C em C em
2nd Verse same as the first:
Rewind a year or two
I graduate and nothing I do is wrong
gone are the many ways that I feel down now
gettin' on didn't seem so hard
good grades and a postercard resume it went on for days and the school kept calling
The windows are closed but the walls are falling down
I could just stay if that's allowed
there'es just enough space in infinity
for you and me
dm7 G7
and with the passing of each silver lined day I
dm7 G7
find the making of a step that I can't take
dm7 G7
hoping for the best as the rest is arresting me C em C em
Final Chorus:
The windows are closed but the walls are falling down
I could just stay if that's allowed
there'es just enough space in infinity
for you and me
Track Name: Slow Me Down/Interpersonal Skills
"You embrace my crazy; I carry on awkwardly
When evenings are hazy, you clear the effortlessly
I'm floating on cardboard but you're such a steady rock
and you're cooly keeping my ego from gettin' too hot
'cause you slow me down"

"..and I read in the magazines that I gotta get out and on the scene...prove what it is to be myself.
I gotta love who I'm lovin' and leave when I will, but that confidence takes an interpersonal skill."
Track Name: The Cure
"I've got a cure for a broken heart...a little somethin' small when your love is far away"